Topographical Survey

We use our 40+ years experience to provide accurate and reliable topographical surveys.

A topographical survey can range from a basic boundary and level survey, giving a base for an initial feasibility study, to a full detailed survey including above ground features (trees, street furniture, utility covers etc.).


We use Trimble Business Center to handle our raw data then post process with AutoCAD.

Our finished digital drawings will then be provide in 2D or 3D DWG file format along with PDF’s. If required, we offer professionally printed scale plots. These can be in either: Full colour or Grey scale


We use Trimble S Series robotic total stations. These have non-contact Direct Reflex (DR) capabilities enabling us to survey features remotely without direct access.

Together with our total stations we use a Trimble GPS (GNNS) receiver to relate our surveys to the Ordnance Survey national grid.

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